Run Containers on vSphere with Project Photon and Project Lightwave

VMware vSphere Blog announcement Project Photon is VMware’s attempt at a lightweight Linux  operating system for containerized applications. It completes with Red Hat’s Atomic offering and Canonical’s Ubuntu Snappy. Photon is, understandably, optimized for VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air environments.   Project Lightwave is VMware’s container identity and access management technology. The distributed nature of microservices-based applications makes it difficultContinue reading “Run Containers on vSphere with Project Photon and Project Lightwave”

VMware Remote Console for Mac now Available!!

If you use a mac, one of the things you will notice when connecting to a vCenter 5.5 Web console is when connecting to a VM to open a console session, you only had the option to ‘Launch Console’ which would open up a console session in a new browser window or tab depending onContinue reading “VMware Remote Console for Mac now Available!!”

VMware Horizon 6 Reference Architecture

Link to the PDF Documentation Link to the Blog site Horizon 6 harnesses the capabilities of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to allow multiple users to connect to a single Windows Server, but have individual desktop instances and applications. The user can connect to an application or a full desktop using PC over IP (PCoIP) forContinue reading “VMware Horizon 6 Reference Architecture”

Disabling VAAI VMFS Heartbeats in VMware ESXi 5.5U2

We ran into something at work lately that caused some serious issues around PSODs and storage disconnects due to the way that VMware ESXi 5.5U2 changed the way VMFS heartbeats are used. Apparently VAAI now is used to manage the heartbeats in 5.5U2. If you need to disable this feature without turning off VAAI orContinue reading “Disabling VAAI VMFS Heartbeats in VMware ESXi 5.5U2”

Macbook Air and VMware Fusion

My youngest son recently trashed my home laptop that my wife and I share. Luckily I had some decent data recovery software to pull the data off the toasted hard drive. My next decision was to go the cheap and fast route of visiting Costco and purchasing the first eye candy laptop I could find,Continue reading “Macbook Air and VMware Fusion”

VMware Lifecycle Manager

Translation: An automated server request portal build on a very powerful workflow engine called VMware Orchestrator. Vmware Lifecycle Manager allow you to provide your end user community the ability to log in to a web portal and request servers that are based on your own custom VMware Templates and automate the provisioning of those VirtualContinue reading “VMware Lifecycle Manager”

VMware User Group Meeting at West Bend Today

We had a great VMware User Group meeting today at West Bend Mutual Insurance. Thanks to Rod Gabriel for allowing my company to host the meeting. There was a great presentation on Vmware’s vCloud concepts as well as their new VDC-OS (Virtual Data Center – Operating System) or the next version of Vmware ESX calledContinue reading “VMware User Group Meeting at West Bend Today”