VMworld 2019 Conference Info

VMworld 2019 captures the momentum of today’s rapidly changing IT environment and puts it within your grasp so you can accelerate your cloud journey to support your business. Transform networking and security for speed and flexibility. Deliver digital workspaces for amazing mobile experiences. Whatever you need to know, you’ll find the best information, tools, andContinue reading “VMworld 2019 Conference Info”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for IT

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and actually referenced Maslow in a personal blog about my past life and how I got into IT.  It really hit home a couple years ago when our SVP and GM of Security products at VMware, Tom Corn (thanks for the motivation Tom), started talk track around definingContinue reading “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for IT”

VMware Test Drive 3.0 Launch

As VMware’s products and services continue to evolve, TestDrive environments also transform to provide best-in-class user experiences. Announcing, TestDrive 3.0! TestDrive is the only place to see the entire VMware stack configured and ready to go, integrated with live applications in a real world environment. TestDrive is built on bare metal for maximum performance andContinue reading “VMware Test Drive 3.0 Launch”

VMware Central Newsletter Updates

As part of my continued efforts to help customers ‘Realize What’s Possible’, I’ve expanded the former North Central Newsletter to provide content more relevant to customers across all of Central. If you are interested in getting relevant information around VMware News, Events, and Activities, feel free to share the newsletter signup options below.  I’ll continue toContinue reading “VMware Central Newsletter Updates”

VMware Skyline Advisor 2.1, Skyline Viewer 3.1 Highlights on What’s New

Skyline Advisor 2.1 Release Highlights: Proactive Support for Two New Products: Horizon (v7.0 and above) & vRealize Operations Manager (v6.6, 6.7 & 7.0) Skyline has now expanded its footprint to deliver Proactive Findings for Horizon View & vRealize Operations within Skyline Advisor. Very soon, Skyline Proactive Findings will also be viewable within the vRealize OperationsContinue reading “VMware Skyline Advisor 2.1, Skyline Viewer 3.1 Highlights on What’s New”

Lessons Learned during my IT Career, how I got to be a CTO Ambassador at VMware, and Depression

I decided to write something different than most of the blogs I’ve posted in the past.  A lot of what I’m going to be talking about has to do with how I got into the IT industry.  I decided to write this as a more personal note in hopes of helping those that may beContinue reading “Lessons Learned during my IT Career, how I got to be a CTO Ambassador at VMware, and Depression”

Lake Michigan Trout on a Pellet Grill

What do you do when your Dell Technologies Family takes you fishing in Wisconsin in October?  Enjoy the a beautiful day on Lake Michigan with friends, some nice cold Miller Lite and some sport fishing.   Now the best part is enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Taking some trout fillets home, I decided thatContinue reading “Lake Michigan Trout on a Pellet Grill”

The vSphere Security Configuration Guide – Where do I start?

Ask yourself the question, what’s my compliance policy for the company, HIPPA, PCI, SOX, DISA, STIG, etc… Have I spoken to my internal audit staff? Have I spoken to my security team yet? The vSphere Security Configuration Guide remember is not the “VMware vSphere Security Configuration Law”, it’s a guide for you to use toContinue reading “The vSphere Security Configuration Guide – Where do I start?”

VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0 is now GA

VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to deploy and run a hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure (compute, storage, networking, and security) and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments. Think about the current process of building out new VMware vSphere Clusters (assuming you have newContinue reading “VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0 is now GA”

VMware Skyline Advisor 1.0 GA

This is a customer facing self-service SaaS application that allows customers to view Skyline proactive findings and recommendations on-demand. You no-longer have to wait for your next Operational Summary Report (OSR) to be available to view potential issues discovered within your environment. Skyline Advisor 1.0: Skyline Advisor is the analytic dashboard for VMware Skyline customersContinue reading “VMware Skyline Advisor 1.0 GA”

VMworld 2018 Day 3 and 4 Recap

Solution Showcase Keynotes Access the Solution Showcase Keynote Replays Here Download the Solution Showcase Keynote Decks below: Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network VMware Cloud: From the Private Cloud to the Public Cloud to the Edge Innovating Beyond HCI – How VMware is Driving theContinue reading “VMworld 2018 Day 3 and 4 Recap”

VMworld 2018 Day 2 Announcements

Day 2 Keynote Pioneers of the Possible Sanjay Poonen, COO, VMware Customer Operations, kicked off the second day in conversation with several customers who have bravely taken the digital transformation path. Sanjay also hosted Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for female education, Oxford student, and the youngest person ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She isContinue reading “VMworld 2018 Day 2 Announcements”