Macbook Air and VMware Fusion

My youngest son recently trashed my home laptop that my wife and I share. Luckily I had some decent data recovery software to pull the data off the toasted hard drive. My next decision was to go the cheap and fast route of visiting Costco and purchasing the first eye candy laptop I could find,Continue reading “Macbook Air and VMware Fusion”

Roku HD Player Review

Originally submitted at Roku The best-selling HD Player (as known as Netflix Player by Roku) plays High Definition video and connects to surround sound audio. Best Media box out there!! By gr8n8 from Brown Deer, WI on 11/29/2009 5out of 5 Pros: Reliability, Video selection, Built in Wi-Fi, Compact, Easy to use, Great value, EasyContinue reading “Roku HD Player Review”