Branding the Altiris Software Portal with your Company Logo

I ran across this scenario this week and thought you might be interested in an easy way to brand the software portal with your corporate logo. I renamed the disks.gif file in the %programfiles%\altiris\software delivery subdirectory to disks.gif_bak. I then modified our corporate logo to be the same size as the original gif file makingContinue reading “Branding the Altiris Software Portal with your Company Logo”

How to create scripts to install printers on WinXP

Our company just ran into this issue. We are undergoing a transition of employees from one section of the building to another section of the building. One of the challenges that we faced is getting the printers installed on the employees new locations. We used a combination of Altiris Software Delivery Solution and the SoftwareContinue reading “How to create scripts to install printers on WinXP”

HP Systems Insight Manager plugin

For those of you that have HP hardware in house, you probably/maybe have your Systems Insight Manager software installed somewhere to monitor your HP devices. Well, Altiris has a connector that you can install to allow you to view the data collected by the SIM tool within the Altiris Notification Server Console. You can getContinue reading “HP Systems Insight Manager plugin”

Using SVS as a Portable App Creator

For those of you using Altiris Software Virtualization Solution, this may be of interest. Using the SVS Admin tool to create an SVS app, prepping the app and then exporting the vsa package somewhere. Now take the vsa package and use Winzip/7Zip or whatever zipping tool you prefer, to extract the package to a folderContinue reading “Using SVS as a Portable App Creator”

Want to go Green? Use the Energy Saver Toolkit

Another freebee from Altiris is the Energy Saver toolkit. Yeah, I am sure all of you could figure out how to do this with AD group policy or something, but this is a no brainer easy to configure tool if you are using altiris. Pull it down from the altiris download portal or from yourContinue reading “Want to go Green? Use the Energy Saver Toolkit”