Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for IT

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and actually referenced Maslow in a personal blog about my past life and how I got into IT.  It really hit home a couple years ago when our SVP and GM of Security products at VMware, Tom Corn (thanks for the motivation Tom), started talk track around defining good security vs chasing all the bad in the security landscape these days.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 11.17.31 PM

I was blown away around the numbers and facts around the average number of security products every enterprise customer has running in their environment.  Tom was presenting to one of my customers and he had a slide that really hit home and at least in my brain, it mapped to a lot of similarities around Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


In a nutshell, and without having to read through the wikipedia link above, the hierarchy covers one’s basic needs to survive at the bottom of the pyramid, and as one moves up the ladder, one addresses things above the basic survival needs more towards the self-esteem standpoint.  This was something I remembered from my college days and still use as a basic model to determine my own self-worth and making sure I’m doing the right things in my personal and professional life.Continue reading “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for IT”

VMware Test Drive 3.0 Launch

As VMware’s products and services continue to evolve, TestDrive environments also transform to provide best-in-class user experiences. Announcing, TestDrive 3.0!


TestDrive is the only place to see the entire VMware stack configured and ready to go, integrated with live applications in a real world environment.Continue reading “VMware Test Drive 3.0 Launch”

VMware Central Newsletter Updates


As part of my continued efforts to help customers ‘Realize What’s Possible’, I’ve expanded the former North Central Newsletter to provide content more relevant to customers across all of Central. If you are interested in getting relevant information around VMware News, Events, and Activities, feel free to share the newsletter signup options below.  I’ll continue to try and put out content on a weekly basis usually being distributed on the Friday of each week.

If you’re not a newsletter person, stay tuned as I’ll have a MindMap that includes the content below that you can bookmark (coming soon).Continue reading “VMware Central Newsletter Updates”

VMware Skyline Advisor 2.1, Skyline Viewer 3.1 Highlights on What’s New

Skyline Advisor 2.1 Release Highlights:

Proactive Support for Two New Products:

  • Horizon (v7.0 and above) & vRealize Operations Manager (v6.6, 6.7 & 7.0)
    • Skyline has now expanded its footprint to deliver Proactive Findings for Horizon View & vRealize Operations within Skyline Advisor.
  • Very soon, Skyline Proactive Findings will also be viewable within the vRealize Operations UI after successful installation of Skyline Management Pack.

Continue reading “VMware Skyline Advisor 2.1, Skyline Viewer 3.1 Highlights on What’s New”

Lessons Learned during my IT Career, how I got to be a CTO Ambassador at VMware, and Depression

I decided to write something different than most of the blogs I’ve posted in the past.  A lot of what I’m going to be talking about has to do with how I got into the IT industry.  I decided to write this as a more personal note in hopes of helping those that may be looking to make a move into IT and possibly towards a role at VMware.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 12.05.18 PM

This really hit home thanks to some inspiration from one of my friends and former co-workers Keith Townsend.  I’m not going into much of the details on my career path, here’s a video session I worked with Keith on to share my story from how I came from the military into the role I’m in now, hoping to summarize some of my background and provide more details on the topic at hand rather than writing all that out here.


There’s also some inspiration on some of the more personal issues I’m going to share from a recent experience at the latest VMware Sales kickoff conference I attended this year.Continue reading “Lessons Learned during my IT Career, how I got to be a CTO Ambassador at VMware, and Depression”

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