VMware NSX-T 3.1 Global Manager Deployment

I decided to write up some lessons learned when deploying the latest NSX-T instance in my home lab. I’m using NSX-T 3.1 and trying out the options to use the Global Manager option for deployment. Here’s a summary of what I worked on: NSX-T Global Deployment to include 2 Global NSX Managers clustered with aContinue reading “VMware NSX-T 3.1 Global Manager Deployment”

vSAN Witness on ESXiOnPi

Another continuation of my main blog post and working through my 3 use cases, this one happens to be something a lot of people have been asking me about. 2 node vSAN edge site with a remote witness, but what if the remote witness was in the same room and running on a Raspberry Pi.Continue reading “vSAN Witness on ESXiOnPi”

Create a vSAN 2 Node cluster on ESXi On Pi

Continuing up on my main blog post around using Raspberry Pi4b devices with the vSphere Fling, my first use case involves create a 2-node vSAN cluster on these devices using a virtual remote witness. Here’s how I set this up in my homelab. Assuming you already have 2 Raspberry Pi4b devices installed and configured withContinue reading “Create a vSAN 2 Node cluster on ESXi On Pi”

Configuring NSX-T Manager with VMware Identity Manager (i.e. Workspace One Access)

For all the NSX experts out there, I thought you might find this helpful, especially with all the request to leverage the VMware Identity Manager platform (recently rebranded Workspace One Access) as the source for authentication into various VMware products. As I’ve been working through through the upgrade of my home lab, I recently usedContinue reading “Configuring NSX-T Manager with VMware Identity Manager (i.e. Workspace One Access)”

Home-Lab Upgrade to vSphere 7

I’ve had a lot of questions on how my upgrade went to vSphere 7 in my home-lab. I thought I’d share how I was able to get vSphere 7 up and running on a lab using hardware that isn’t on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List. So what you see here are 5 Dell R71 Servers,Continue reading “Home-Lab Upgrade to vSphere 7”

Configuring the VMware ESXi Dump Collector on vCenter 7

For those not familiar with this topic, it relates to a recent presentation I made at a VMware User Group virtual meeting around managing vSphere and some best practices. This also is applicable to a recent home-lab upgrade and wanted to provide a current method for configuring this setup and the lack of official supportContinue reading “Configuring the VMware ESXi Dump Collector on vCenter 7”

My Light-board, Whiteboard, GreenScreen Home Office Setup

I’ve had a few requests now that the home office has been moved into a bigger room to share how I setup the home office to enable remote work capabilities and leverage conference calls with a whiteboard and green screen as well as video presentations using a Light-board. For those of you that are nowContinue reading “My Light-board, Whiteboard, GreenScreen Home Office Setup”

Video and Lightboard Series

I’m trying something new to get better at presenting whiteboard sessions with customers and the community.  I’ll be doing a combination of video, whiteboard and light board sessions around VMware topics on YouTube. Session 1 – Interview from Keith Townsend at The CTO Advisor This is Keith’s interview in preparation for the VMware User GroupContinue reading “Video and Lightboard Series”

My Experience rebuilding a VMware Corporate MacBook in the field using Workspace One Intelligent Hub

I don’t know how many people have run through this scenario, but back when I used to do Altiris consulting, the process of rebuilding any laptop was painful and time consuming. It usually involved requesting a loaner laptop with nothing customized, while waiting for approval, shipping your broken laptop back to a corporate office andContinue reading “My Experience rebuilding a VMware Corporate MacBook in the field using Workspace One Intelligent Hub”