VMworld 2021 Recap

Day 1 Recap

Don’t forget that the VMworld 2021 on demand library is still available, so register now for VMworld 2021 and take a look at the highlighted sessions

More and more, companies are taking a software-defined approach for managing multi-cloud infrastructures. VMware has always been really good at abstracting the physical infrastructure challenges that everyone faces when managing multi-clouds using a software-defined approach. Managing applications that are cloud-native, traditional, or a combination of both that are distributed across many clouds is challenging. Application development teams like the ease of leveraging native public cloud services but are challenged with having that same experience across all clouds. This complexity makes it difficult for developers to move at the speed of their business, increases security risks and costs, and decreases performance and revenue. At VMworld 2021, VMware announced VMware Cross-Cloud services aligning with their Any Cloud, Any App, Any device strategy that builds upon the five key pillars around cloud infrastructure and management, apps, security and networking, and the edge. Check out the 60 second recap below for more details.

VMware also revealed new capabilities for their cloud and modern apps portfolio including a new free open-source community edition helping customers and developers accelerate their modern apps journey. Check out the 60 second recap below.

VMware also announced new innovations in the security space to deliver and end-to-end Zero-Trust Security architecture that includes data center and public clouds that incorporates security into the apps, access from any device and extends to the edge. Check out the 60 second recap below.

Hear from the three executive leaders including Raghu Raghuram – CEO, Sumit Dhawan – COO, and Kit Colbert – CTO interviewed by The Cube on announcements made at VMworld 2021.

There were also five news announcements made at VMworld 2021 that map out VMware’s future strategy helping customers with their multi-cloud journey innovating across clouds, apps, the edge and security.

Don’t forget all the projects that VMware mentioned at VMworld 2021 this year. Check out Viktor van den Berg‘s great blog post that summarizes these projects.

Day 2 Recap

Voices of VMworld included compelling conversations with luminaries and celebrities all with the goal of inspiring you. Check out all the guest speakers VMware had talking with various VMware leaders here. Guests included interviews with Michael J. Fox, Will Smith, Mick Ebeling, and more!!…

Finally, Don’t forget that the VMworld 2021 on demand library is still available, so register now for VMworld 2021 and take a look at the highlighted sessions recommended for your on-demand viewing pleasure. We’re all looking forward to attending VMworld 2022 in persons!!

I’ll end with VMware’s new CTO Kit Colbert talking about changes in the industry, how Covid has impacted everyone and how change is inevitable.

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