What’s New with VMware vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT Devops 2.2

VMware vRealize® Code Stream™ Management Pack for IT DevOps helps IT teams to apply the same DevOps best practices of version control, unit testing and continuous delivery to infrastructure content such as VMware vRealize Automation™ Blueprints and vRealize Orchestrator™ Workflows or vRealize Operations™ Dashboards and Reports. It provides out-of-the- box release pipelines that run in vRealize Code Stream and can be easily triggered via the vRealize Automation portal. The Management Pack will speedily deploy content from multiple users across different environments or locations. For example, deploying blueprints from various authors and DevTest instances to multiple vRealize Automation tenants or Production instances.

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What’s New in this release?

Supports running on the latest vRA 7.2 & vRCS 2.2 platform

New Xenon Based Artifact Repository (with the removal of Jfrog Artifactory)

Added new Package Type support to be able to export Code Stream Pipelines

Support for vROPS 6.4, vRA & vRO 7.2 content

Significant improvements in performance and scalability of Group Package Requests.

Supports the export of all package types to raw format, i.e.: yaml/json/xml

Increased number of Day 2 operations so that Capture/Test/Release can be executed per package item

Bug fixes

Download Details:

Download Page
(Binaries + Docs)

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For more information, please refer to the following resources

Datasheet http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/products/vrealize/vmware-vrealize-code-stream-management-solution-brief.pdf

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