VMworld 2015 San Fran Day 1 General Session

Energy, excitement, buzz throughout the streets, starting off with apps on stage surrounding Carl Eschenbach, interesting intro. over 23,000 attending the event this year, record attendance. 50,000 people watching online. 88 countries represented across the globe. 6,000 VMUG customers and 7,000 partners. 20 people recognized as attending every VMworld including Carl at all 12 events….

VMware Integrated OpenStack, Why it’s always better with bacon

What is OpenStack? In a nutshell, OpenStack is a framework for providing developers with cloud-style APIs and tools on top of a choice of infrastructure technologies, but does NOT provide the underlying technologies themselves.  You still need a hypervisor. What’s missing? All your enterprise features like policies, governance, compliance, and not to mention your common expected management functions like…